Output Frequency Offset CTCSS CALL Location
146.790 Mhz minus 100 hz W0LAC Burlington, IA
147.360 Mhz plus 100 hz WA6GUF Burlington, IA
444.700 Mhz plus none WA6GUF Burlington, IA
147.105 Mhz plus 103.5 hz N9MTI Carthage, IL
145.250 Mhz minus 151.4 hz KC9JIC Dallas City IL
145.330 Mhz minus 82.5 hz KC9JIC Dallas City IL
224.020 Mhz minus 100 hz KC9JIC Dallas City IL
444.925 Mhz plus 123.0 hz KA9JNG Dallas City IL
146.865 Mhz minus 100 hz WF0RT Ft Madison, IA
147.300 Mhz plus 146.2 hz WB0SBU Keokuk, IA
147.165 Mhz plus 156.7 hz WB0VHB Mt Pleasant, IA
147.390 Mhz plus none W0MME Mt Pleasant, IA

Repeaters listed are those known
to exist in the Burlington area.